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Exclusive offerings for Merdeka and Pioneer Generation, brought to you by Essilor Experts!

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Reading Glasses

50% off Crizal Easy® UV Airwear Reading Glasses /Spectacle lenses (Savings worth $80!)

Reading glasses are suitable for people who spend most of their time on materials close-up and it is an affordable solution for those who have difficulty seeing near. Our Crizal Easy® UV Airwear lenses are lightweight, impact-resistant and protect your eyes from UV. Find out more here.  

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Progressive Lenses

COMPLIMENTARY Transitions™ light intelligent lenses upgrade on Varilux® Progressive Lenses worth $230

A pair of progressive lenses is able to provide visual clarity from near, intermediate and far distances, and it is a seamless progression of lens power. These lenses are specially tailored to your specific needs through us, your friendly Essilor Experts.

What will you walk away with?

With Essilor Experts, you will experience a professional eye examination and enjoy the benefits of premium and high quality lenses tailored to your prescription at an affordable price. Most people would purchase an off-the-shelf reading glass not customized to your vision needs.

Transition™ lenses are light intelligent lenses that automatically adapt to the light around us and protects your eyes against harmful UV and blue UV rays. Find out more about Transitions™ lenses here.

Terms & Conditions:

• Flash your Merdeka/Pioneer Generation card at Essilor Expert Retail Partner outlets to be eligible for this promotion.

• 50% off retail price is applicable to Crizal Easy® UV Airwear lenses only.

• Free Transitions® upgrade is valid for Varilux® X Series, Varilux® Physio, Varilux® Comfort and Varilux® Liberty progressive lenses design and indexes.

• This offer is not applicable on Varilux® Digitime and Varilux® Comfort Glass.

• This offer is not valid in conjunction with other Essilor's ongoing promotions.

• Validity Period: 1 August 2019 – 31 July 2020