Does this sound familiar to you?

“What is your budget? You can choose a frame you like then we go for eye check.” About 15 minutes after, you’re at the counter making payment. 

But do you know what type of lenses you have just purchased? Everyone is uniquely different – our lifestyle defines the lenses that we should be using.

What we all need is an Eye Care Professional who can understand our lifestyles and eye health status to recommend a custom-made lens just for me.  


We are Essilor Experts


We are more than an optical shop, we are a partnership of Eye Care Professionals around you in the business of providing the highest quality of personal eye care to you and your family.

We are your everyday Singaporean enterprises with years of immeasurable experience and the know-how to ensure that you'll walk away satisfied with a vision solution.

Join us in this journey today to better vision!

  • Highly Trained Professional

Eye Care Professionals

We are not here to just push our products on you. We want to be your friend, to listen to your issues and advise you on your vision needs.

  • Vision Solutions

Complete Vision Solutions

Our We are equipped with the full portfolio of Essilor lenses which are designed to complement yor individual lifestyle needs. Find out more here!  

  • Eye Exam

Professional Practices

We are Experts in our field and are backed up with the latest technologies in our field, allowing us to provide the eye care your deserve. We prioritize your eye health, allocate sufficient time for detailed eye examinations and do not cut corners. 

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We are happy to share with you an exclusive promotion found only with us, your trusted experts. Enjoy a $50 discount off any Varilux® lens purchase! 

Giving back to the community with the all new Merdeka Lens Package

We would not have gotten to where we are today if not for the hands (and eyes) that shaped our nation. The Merdeka and Pioneer Generation have forged the path for the generations after them and we want to recognize their contribution by offering the Merdeka Lens Package