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Getting a new pair of progressive lenses can be a daunting task, but with our Varilux® 60 days wearers adaptation warranty, you can purchase a pair of Varilux® lenses without any worry.

How it works

The Varilux® 60 days wearer’s adaptation warranty gives you a peace of mind when you are uncertain about trying a pair of Varilux® lenses. In the event that the pair of Varilux® lenses that you have purchased is not satisfactory due to a difficulty in adaptation, we have got you covered. Here’s what we will do:

    In the unlikely event that you face any issues with your new pair of Varilux® lenses, please consult the Eye Care Professional whom you purchased your lenses from to seek their assistance to conduct a troubleshooting on your lenses. In the event that it is found that it could be due to a variation in your prescription or a need to rectify the fitting of the lenses, your lenses will be replaced following the troubleshooting to ensure that you reap the full benefits of what a pair of Varilux® lenses can do for your vision.
    In very rare cases, should the issue persist, our Education and Professional Services team will be deployed on site on an appointment basis to work with your Eye Care Professional to better understand the issues you are facing so that an appropriate solution could be arrived at to address the issue and to ensure that it is solved as we strongly believe that your satisfaction with Varilux® lenses matters to us at Essilor.

Your vision is our mission. With the 60 days wearer’s adaptation warranty, we aspire to provide you with a pair of progressive lenses that will meet your everyday vision needs. Visit our authorized optical retailers and get a pair of Varilux® lenses to enjoy unlimited vision today!


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